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Preparation and Pet Pointers. New black digestive

Treatment Preparation.

So, now that you have decided to take the well-being plunge (well done by the way!!) here’s a few things you should think about doing to ensure your treatment is the best it can possibly be.

(pic to the right is just a suggestion)

Please remember that colonic hydrotherapy is not a quick fix that allows you to eat badly, have a flush out and then return to dodgy old ways with no responsibility for your own health.
It is a therapy that compliments a healthy regime or helps kick-start an unhealthy one.
The kicking starts here with your preparation!!!


Spend the few days before your colonic, hydrating your body. There could be matter stuck to the colon wall that has hardened. Drinking water will help to soften this and get it moving quicker, meaning more release on the day.


Increase your fresh fruit and vegetable intake. Although colonic hydrotherapy concentrates on clearing your large intestine (colon/bowel), eating the more fibrous foods, will help brush out the older matter stuck within your small intestine. This forces it down into your large intestine to be flushed out during your treatment, allowing you to achieve an all round cleaner digestive system.


Reduce the amount of non-medical * diuretics and dehydrating substances such as coffee, black tea, vinegar, alcohol, and table salt. Allow your body to maximise the moisture you are giving it rather than flush it out via your urinary tract.


Eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. These are easier to assimilate. They put less strain on the body and should really be the main stay of your diet.


Avoid food and drink that makes you gassy. Gas can lurk in the pockets within your digestive system for a long time and whilst colonics will definitely help relieve this, the less fresh gas created the less sensitive your tummy will be on the day.


Be prepared to have more than one session! Sometimes when the bowel is cleansed and excellent release is achieved with one treatment, but please be aware that in some cases, matter may have been stuck in place for a long time. Your diet may have been poor and ignoring calls to release may have atrophied muscle response. The treatment itself is gentle in order to protect the colon and other sessions may mean a better cleanse.

* Never stop taking medicines unless advised by the medical or professional practitioner who issued them.

Preparation and Pet Pointers. What can harm your Immune System

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